Othello’s Flaws

A topic and Shakespeare play: Othello. The essay should have a clearly stated thesis that is argumentative. Keep in mind that an argumentative thesis will have an opposing position. This thesis should be supported with textual evidence. Effective textual evidence will consist of quoted passages from the plays; literary works that have been close read. The successful close reading will point to specific points in the quote and spend time examining these words and phrases for their significance as it relates to the thesis. Each piece of evidence needs to be made relevant to the goal of the paper. Keep in mind that for textual evidence quality is what’s required, not quantity. Remember not to say WHAT is happening (NO summarizing), but rather examine the words and tell HOW or WHY they are significant to the thesis. Also remember that no piece of the text is self-evident; if it’s quoted, it must be explain.

According to Aristotle, the definition of a tragic figure is someone who is accountable for his actions, Therefore, Othello is a true definition of a catastrophic figure described by Aristotle (Canning).  Shakespeare’s play Othello resides principal themes of deceit, disloyalty and love, and dishonesty. The center of the play revolves around the tragic downfall of the main character, Othello. Othello’s flaws are widely attributed to several factors such as deceit and dishonesty by Iago and controversially by Othello’s particular character. Due to the different opinions on the responsibility of Othello flaws, the whole play is a perverted story of treachery and revenge. Othello is controversially creating a susceptible alternate environment where other characters could easily take advantage of his insecurity, naivety, and gullibility. However, the responsibility for the death and the downfall of Othello is a debatable issue with some literature critics attributing the downfall to a combination factors that include Iago.  This paper explores the play Othello with an attempt to produce an argumentative essay on Othello taking sole responsibility for his downfall and subsequent death.

Supporting Argument As evident in Act II, Othello bears the responsibility for his death due to his insecurity.  In terms of insecurity, there are two elements attributed to the downfall of Othello that include the characters’ inability to control and feeling of uncertainty and disbelief.   Othello lacks control over the elements that resulted to his susceptibility. After realizing that he killed Desdemona he says “Wash me in gulfs of liquid fire”.  Othello plea to the devil shows how responsible he was for the death of his wife. He further cries, saying that it was his fault, “Beat me and bake me in Sulphur.” (Gioia 1371) From his particular perspective…

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