Pain Management: Abuse of Pain Killers

Locate an issue with pain management and propose a solution, use these sources

and cite them in the essay

It is no secret that the world of today is becoming increasingly difficult to live in. Life’s demands and pressures continue to exert and increasing tension on the lives of individuals. As a result, pain has become a common occurrence than it was before. The commonest of all pains is headache. Majority of people in today’s world suffer headache frequently. As a result, there has been the need for people to learn how to manage pain effectively, with pain killers becoming the favorite of many a people (Films on Demand 1). While there is nothing wrong with managing pain through pain killers, there is an issue that should raise concern: the abuse of pain killers. An increasing number of people are using pain killers for the wrong reasons.

Many overdose pain killers. Still, some take pain killers at such a frequency that induces resistance, because the body simply gets used to pain killers. Since pain is common, thanks to everyday life pressures, such people have to graduate to even more powerful pain killers. The end result is the development of people whose bodies are filled with chemicals, as a result of overuse of pain killers. Like the website rightly notes, “Painkillers, like any form of medication, can have side effects and, when used frequently for a long period of time, can cause permanent damage” (Pain.Com 1). The website notes that the original good intention of pain killers can be dampened by continual abuse…

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