Pediatric teaching project

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Include a detailed outline/summary of the content that you will teach


Describe at least two teaching methods

Makes these appropriate for the age group you are teaching (questions alone is not sufficient).


Describe/include materials. Create an activity that is educational and engaging. The following are examples: stories, songs/music, games, crafts, age appropriate activities for the children. All tables will have a poster board to engage the children.

You can create a pamphlet for the adults present. No Power Points.


Initiate teaching session– how will you begin the teaching session to engage your client? What are the best strategies for engaging/educating children at this developmental level? Please describe techniques.


Teaching vs Telling- Explain the difference between telling and teaching? How will this impact your presentation?



Explain how you will evaluate the learner? Identify the evaluation strategy. Include how you will evaluate the effectiveness of your education. How will you make sure the children understood the education you provided?


Resources: Utilize APA format with in-text citations for both the rubric responses and the teaching/learning material. Include cover page with student names. Responses will be clear and logical.

In -text citation


Total Points


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