Performance Review on Opera Carmen

Live performances are thrilling and show contiguity of moments that consider the surrounding day, the venue, atmosphere as well as the current events (Reid 12). Also, a live event involves bleakness of watching people adjust to any moment.  Simply, watching a live performance is a beautiful and artful event more than listening to it. I attended a live performance of opera Carmen and it was an experience I will live to remember. I chose this performance because I have always loved and desired to watch Opera Carmen, and imagined how this creative work would be on a live orchestra accompanied by a phenomenal performance.

The work was created on Saturday April 2, 2017 at Avalon. This historic structure had large space for performance and enough room for the audience. The cooling and heating system created a comfortable atmosphere even when the entire who was filled with people. The arrangement of the seats and lighting of the room was remarkable because I could see the performance clearly.

The live performance of opera Carmen was flawless and performers effortlessly transported the whole audience back to 1870s in this romantic, exciting but tragic story. The three hours of watching would seem boring but the performance was fascinating with the way the chorus and orchestra played the compositions of George Bizet. The audience captured the opening of the curtain and see the graceful couple Carmen and Jose doing erotic dance in the blood-red lighting. Also, the eye-catching colors as well as the stage movement were incredible. The background music playing while the act was going on filled the room with the feeling of excitement as the act unfolded…

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