Phase3 Decision Table And Decision Tree

Im doing a multi-phase project for systems analysis and design. phase1-5

Premise- UMUC is a business selling medical equipment, they need to expand, need new system to accommodate it. 

New system will have online billpay, entails security, convenience etc.. Focus on 3 major parts of the company, Administration, Finance, and Product Fulfillment. 

stage1 was to analyze the current system, design new system, Functional Decomposition Diagram.

stage2 was to make context diagram, and a data flow diagram(diagram level 0).

stage3 is to Make a Decision Table for billing and payment system, Make a Decision Tree corresponding to the table.

Stage 3 is what I need help making. Im really bad with Excel and Diagrams. I need you to get creative with the discounts to involve. I have not yet set any kind of discount opportunities for the consumers and how it is to be redeemed and how its processed in the new billing system. It should be really easy with light reading of my previous work which I have attached. Also, I have attached the case study file to know all about UMUC /udo,marian,& uduak corp. The instructions asked to “base” the table and tree in the figures from the book. So I attached the relevant pages. Lastly, I have attached the deliverable/grading requirements which also list additional resources that can help.

If you feel great about working on this, I could use your help on Phase 4 and 5. its using sdlc, checklist and priority assessment, cost/benefit. etc. It shouldn’t take more than an hour per phase. 

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