Philosophical Orientation Paper

A paper that clearly defines your professional philosophical orientation. You may reference your Philosophy of Adult Education Inventory (PAEI) but do no state one of the five orientations. If you lean toward one or more, discuss the characteristics that you possess, beliefs, values, attitudes, and behaviors that reflect the orientation you favor. In your last two or three sentences state clearly and concisely your philosophy

As a teacher, impacting knowledge on all the students that come under my wing is my goal. Helping them understand the fundamentals of every course that I teach is among the core objectives. Additionally, I am focused in fostering critical thinking that can help the learners in being excellent problem-solvers. The characteristic is essential in preparing the students to become instrumental in developing the economy. The achievement of this goal entails creating a plan that will integrate the various skills and knowledge for the course. The students’ needs and hopes are also an important when generating the particular course plans.  I would want my learners to come out of the system being people that can think critically, innovate, and develop working solutions to existing societal challenges. In my perspective, education should impart both the knowledge and life skills that are crucial for success. My philosophical orientation inclines to both the Humanistic and the Progressive Education.

My interest is the realization of self-actualization and growth of my learners this relates to the Humanistic Education. I believe that student inclusion in the learning process is significant in identifying their particular educational needs. I will be open to the ideas that the learners present that they trust will help them understand the subject and grasp the important aspects. Additionally, my progressive side dictates my focus on effectiveness among my students and giving the learners knowledge that is practical. I will use various resources instead of focusing on particular reading texts to allow my students gain diverse skills. The concentration of my teachings will be on learning based on present experiences to build excellent thinking and problem-solving characteristics…..

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