PICOT question and database/article comparison chart

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PICOT is an acronym for the components of a clinical question. The letters stand for:

P = patient population or patient condition

I = intervention or issue of interest

C = comparison of interest

O = outcome(s)

T = time frame

Formulate a nursing clinical practice question using the PICOT format, (b) search three (3) major health care databases commonly used by nurses in order to help answer this clinical question, and (c) enter the information from the search into the comparison chart.

Upon completion of this assignment, the student will be able to demonstrate skills in accessing relevant bibliographic databases, conducting a keyword search related to a nursing issue in clinical practice, and selecting a variety of evidence-based research studies to answer a clinical/profession question.

Step One: Develop a proper PICOT question; resources are provided below to assist you to formulate this.

Step Two: Perform a literature review of three (3) of the four (4) different databases and choose three (3) different studies from nursing/inter-disciplinary research related to your PICOT question.

When performing the literature review in the databases, the student should locate:

  • one study in CINAHL
  • one different nursing/inter-disciplinary study in PubMed or Medline/OVID
  • one systematic review or randomized controlled trial from Cochrane

The student may choose Qualitative, Quantitative, Mixed Methods, or Systematic Review Studies for this assignment. Dissertations, clinical trials, and simply abstracts are unacceptable.

Step Three: Complete the Database/Article Comparison Chart, filling in all the information concisely and correctly. This chart is found in the assignment in Module 3. The student must include their PICOT question in the space indicated above the chart.

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