Piet Mondrian: “the position of the artist is humble. He is essentially a channel”. Do you believe that artists are conduits for art, or its creators? Please explain why, with examples where possible.

Piet Mondrian used the art of painting to signify the real world. He based his ability to enhance and develop the skill to define powers that were spiritual. His paintings are modified and reduced to shapes that depict the real world. His art and use of pictures lead to the formation and the invention of modern art. He used his skill to differentiate the gaps that exist in various elements in the world, through the utilization of forms and colors bring the diversity of cultural groups that share a similar language.

Some people view artists as the creators of art rather than the channels insinuating that a piece was created out of nothing. It is the role of an artist to use the ability accorded to him/her to put a meaning to what seems as blank and meaningless. The idea of a person is transferred into a reality that seems like an out- of- nothing art. When artists fail to exploit their abilities and creativeness, the product of their work would remain futile and unexploited. So the fact remains that artists are conduits for the arts rather than its creators.

It is believed that good artists usually refer while great artist steal the art. Hence, art existed in nature and the desire to preserve the beauty of the world gave rise to artists. History books or internet information are used as the references and adapted as the sources of ideas. The two have helped in the evolution and development of the modern art.

As a result, the notion of “something – out- of- nothing” is not right because something had already existed and it is enhanced and developed, same way with the art….

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