PING Golf Company

the paper is about PING Golf company, we are a group and you are supposed to write the part below, it has two parts. I have posted parts A, B and C which y other teammates written. You should write the paper in response to what they have written and the questions provided.

1. Based on your analysis above, how would you recommend that the company change to better respond to areas A, B, and C?

Part A : discontinue women line

Part B :talk about the app so you can talk about PING thinking of ways to make the app more appealing to customers and maybe look up things golfers are interested in that they would want to see on the app instead of the quiz or workout. Like that girl said in class you can maybe add a weather section for whatever area they want to go play golf and stuff. You can see if the group has more ideas about what other features to add to the app. 
Also, i talk about adding golf shoe lines since we sell shoe bags and stuff so you can say we want to follow through with doing that because it will complete our line and increase customer satisfaction and will fulfill customer desires. 
and i talk about bringing back golf balls… 
golf balls are a big part of profit for other companies so us doing that also puts us at an advantage

Part C:
So far I have that the industry and brand are in the maturity stage, products are in the growth stage. You can recommend how to improve brand sales/strategies for the first two since they’re in the maturity stage. I’m talking about the products packaging and how it can be improved maybe you can write some ideas too. 

2. How can your brand create more differential advantages through its distribution strategy? What changes would you recommend for the distribution strategy?
focus on these points: Comment review, improve services, achieving customer desire, seasonal discounts like holidays and update the mobile App.

Part A

The number of women in golfing has been increasing over the past half century. The previously male-dominated sport has begun experiencing some female talent on the course. It had led a number of sporting and apparel companies such a PING to develop entire new product lines dedicated to women golfers (Johnson & Seanor, 2009). However, the product line has been slow to pick up and revenues are low. According to Harris (2006), the number of female golfers is lower than can be expected to break even. As a result, there is need to make a decision on whether to discontinue the women’s product line. The conclusion will be based on a consideration of future trends versus profitability of the line…

Part B

The rapid advancement of technology has been a significant driving force for innovation in the sport of golf. At PING, the spirit of creativity and innovation has been embraced at all levels of the company. The latest technology products to leave the company’s workshops are two mobile application called iPING and Golf Workout. The applications can be downloaded and used on any iOS-enabled devices such as iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watch. iPING is specifically designed to train golfers on various aspects of golfing technique. It does this by collecting information on posture, consistency, and strength of the player.  Golf Workout is an application that collects user information from unobtrusive sensors to provide tips on healthy living and how to work out…

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