Plagiarism Response Post 1 Help

Reply to your classmate who explored a different scenario than that which you examined.Will the advice they provided be helpful in the future for the individual inthe scenario? What might your classmates add to their advice to make it evenmore helpful? 50 words or more. 

            I am truly surprised at how often plagiarism happens. How these people in this video plagiarized knowingly and still proceed with plagiarism  anyway. This is a crime and there are consequences to our actions. What this means for me and my work, is very scary thought! I will definitely be more careful and give myself plenty of time in completing my work. Now aware of the resources, I can use to reassure my work. This will be very helpful and I will use it for my own security.

            I have to admit that I was wasn’t very knowledgeable in this topic, until i started here at Ashford. Since I have started here, I am aware of  plagiarism and know of the consequences of committing plagiarism. Not only can you fail your course, but you can be kicked out of the university for this crime. This is a crime of steeling other peoples work and you can be sued.
  I am not really aware of myself ever committing plagiarism in my own lifetime.  Most definitely aware of what plagiarism is and how you commit it. This is by stealing other peoples words and using them as your own. Cutting and pasting other peoples work as your own and not crediting them for it is also plagiarizing. Always use your our own words and be checking your work for safety.
  My last name beings with M, so I am doing scenario 2.

  Kelly the most important thing to do now, is make sure you are citing your sources before finalizing your paper. Plagiarism is a serious crime and you will be held accountable for it. There is things you can do to make sure your not in violation of plagiarizing the author. Make sure to always use your own words, give credit to the author, and use turnitin program to reassure your work. Always reread and use all resources to reassure your work before submitting.

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