Please Look For And Help With These 4 Questions

These course is about global/world order throughout the century. Please answer these 4 questions and each questions at 300 words. 

1. Howwould the world order be changed if the next US president decided to lead theUS in a fundamentally isolationist direction? Explain.

2. Thiscourse argued that core elements of world order are predictability, stability,legitimacy and enforcement.  Which ofthese elements was most problematic in 1919, 1945, 1991, and today?  Why?

3. Kurlantzickputs forward a series of measures to reverse the retreat of democracy.  Are they wishful thinking, or can they bemade to work?  What in your opinion arethe most likely reasons why the retreat of democracy may be reversed and whatare the biggest obstacles that need to be overcome?  Explain. 

4.  Withthe exception of Mohandas Gandhi and Nehru (and possibly Indira Ganhdhi), allthe other makers of modern Asia were not democrats.  How has this lack of democracy affected therise of Asia?  How has this lack ofdemocracy affected the world order over the last 60 years?  Explain. 

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