Poster Tes Taking Tips Writing Homework Help

Visit the website (Links to an external site.)and explore the test taking tips for before, during, and after taking an exam. Further, read through the specific test-taking tips for multiple-choice, essay, and true/false questions.
For this assignment, you will create a poster as well as a mind map. For the poster, illustrate pre-test, during the test, or post-test study strategies. Use your imagination, but make sure the poster highlights at least TWO different pre/during/post-test strategies AND includes a visual element such as a picture. You can either create the poster using computer software, then submit it electronically, or take a picture of your poster and upload it.
For the mind map, make sure you include content covering multiple-choice, essay, AND true-false questions. For more information on mind maps, go to (Links to an external site.). You may either use mind mapping software such as XMind ( (Links to an external site.)) or take a picture of your mind map and upload it. 

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