Preparing for Fire Prevention Functions

Write a 700-1,050 word paper describing how fire service personnel are prepared for fire prevention functions within the fire service. Include the following in your paper:

 •Describe how fire service personnel are prepared for fire prevention functions within the fire service.

•Does this preparation change with time on the job or with promotions? Please explain.

 •Is formal or informal education more important in the field of fire prevention? Please provide specific examples to support your answer.

 Include a minimum of two references other than your classroom reading materials.

The intricacy of the current industrialized life with more exposures to hazards has led to increased demand for skills required in the firefighting sector. The fire department is one of three major emergency rescue services in any country. The department consists of rescuers, primarily trained in the eradication of fire that impends to destroy wealth and to free citizens from unsafe situations. Firefighters have to be prepared with strategies to prevent fire by pinpointing and rectifying risky behaviors.

Firefighting personnel are prepared to conduct education programs that improve the society’s knowledge of risk prevention strategies. For the firefighters to educate members of the public efficiently, they must be equipped with the necessary knowledge first so that they are able to deliver it to people. Fire prevention knowledge is passed to members of the public in languages well understood by them. Therefore, as part of the preparations, firefighters are taken through lessons to enable them speak the local language. Education programs are tailored towards preventing the most likely fire risk within the fire department operational areas. In order to ensure that the program is successful, firefighters are given the necessary skills to relate with teachers and other members of the public. Members of the society are made aware of the major causes of fire such as: smoking while in bed and placing lighters in areas where children can access them.

Rescuers are also made familiar with provisions of the fire code enforcement act. This law requires members of the fire department to examine buildings in search of conditions that might cause fire and needs them to be rectified (Diamantes, 2014). Among the things they are required to consider is the distance between the house and flammable materials, raveled wiring and whether combustibles are placed very close to the furnace.  Fire personnel are additionally informed of the need to attend preconstruction gatherings, which gives the opportunity to identify potential fire hazards before the construction begins. Firefighters also advise the builders of the facilities they need to install in the building before it is occupied…

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