Presentation Design and Delivery

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For this assignment, you will apply the practices of planning, creating, and delivering an impactful professional presentation. Identify an important presentation coming up at work in your near future. If you don’t have one on the horizon, choose a worthy topic for your role, business, or industry. This could be a presentation at a conference, or to your board, your management team, your own team, or a few key decision-makers in your organization.

Prepare a PowerPoint presentation slide deck of 20 slides or less. Apply slide design best practices: use minimal text, include images and/or charts, and format slides professionally.

1. Deliver a 6-8 minute presentation, using Zoom. The video must include you and your slides. (See your Blackboard course for instructions on usingZoom.)

2. Your presentation will be assessed using the below criteria:

a. Objectives are clear.

b. An impactful opening statement is used to engage the audience, set context, and/orcreate relevant meaning for the audience.

c. Delivery exhibits strong, professional stage presence, confident body posture, authenticity, appropriate tone, demonstration of passionate purpose, and connection to audience (feels more like a conversation than aspeech).

d. Communication is clear, targeted, succinct, and utilizes the beginning and end effectively.

e. Presenter is the focus. Slides serve only as visual aids to support theobjective.

f. Presenter is professional in look (appropriate business attire, distance to computer, angle, and setting with neutral, non-distracting surroundings). Professional Formatting Requirements: • Include a PowerPoint cover page containing the title of the assignment, the student name(s),the professor’s name, the course title, and thedate.

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