Prewriting Writing 1


Discussion Questions: Read “At the Laundromat” by Susan Sheehan and then answer the following questions in clear, complete sentences.

  1. To which senses does Ms. Sheehan appeal? Provide examples of three different senses using quotes from the selection. (3 points) 
  2. Ms. Sheehan probably economized by eliminating some sensations of sound and smell. If you were to expand upon her description of the laundromat, what sensations of sound and smell would you include? Give specific examples of what you would hear and smell.  (3 points) 
  3. List four action verbs that are used.  (2 points) 
  4. Notice the first two sentences. List three of the elements of setting established here.  Be very specific. (3 points)


Discussion Questions: Read “Auto Wreck” by Karl Shapiro and answer the following questions in clear, complete sentences.

  1. Which analogy in the poem best describes the feelings inside the bystanders?  (2 points) 
  2. List the two lines from the poem which show sensitivity to sound.  (2 points) 
  3. The first two stanzas describe the scene. List six action verbs that give a feeling of movement to the scene.  (3 points)


Revising to Achieve Economy: The following sentences are bloated, wordy, and full of jargon or meaningless language. Translate each sentence, expressing each underlined part more simply. 

  1. We are so fortunate to have a public facility which houses books which we may peruse and check out. 
  2. The person whose responsibility it is to transcribe the important business decisions of this organization will repeat again the minutes for those of you who arrived after this meeting had been called to order. 
  3. In order to advance ahead while in the employment of this company, you must worktenaciously and industriously.

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