Professional Practice


In any profession, professional practice is defined as the situation where a student is mandated by the respective professional body to extend skills and knowledge gained in the classroom by practicing them in a practical environment. For instance, in the field of nursing career, professional practice deals with the concepts of exercising nursing skills which are grounded in a patient-centered and holistic practice in a health facility (American Nursing Association, 2012). The nursing practice also revolves around the ethics while one interacts with patients and their respective family members. Different people have different perceptions about a professional practice that depends on the profession that one belongs. As a nursing student, I perceive nursing practice as the ability of a professional nurse to have the above-average interpersonal knowledge and nursing skills, which are key in coming up with sound judgments that are based on knowledge and experience. Experience in nursing is obtained through field work and being attached to hospitals, to get hands-on experience regarding the application of nursing concepts, process, and knowledge gained in class. For instance, as part of a partial fulfillment for my nursing degree, I was required by the school curriculum to be attached to a hospital where I trained under close supervision of the senior nurses and clinicians. It is a necessity by the Nursing Regulatory Authority that student goes for a seasonal attachment in a busy healthcare facility to acquire skills and experiences necessary for the future practical environment.

It is also among my perception that nursing practice is based on a continuous model such that it does not only end in the quest for certification, but also happens after one is employed in a health facility. Most of the healthcare facilities have well-developed models for professional practice that are useful in guiding the delivery of nursing care. According to Kathleen and Hayes, (2011), professional practice is essential for empowering professionals. In the case of the nursing profession, I believe that nursing practice is essential in enhancing the patient care quality. My perception is that nursing practice entails the comprehension of nursing ethical values through the continuous advance of knowledge and experience in a health facility. Other building blocks of professional practice include responsibility of perceptive practice. I believe that professional practice is a gateway for nurses to demonstrate a common spirit of flexibility and collaboration for effective delivery of health care. As suggested by Masters (2013), it is essential to develop an effective framework of professional practice, which ensures that all the individuals in the nursing specialty are given equal opportunities to participate in the delivery of health care. The mandatory requirement for a nursing student to engage in nursing practice is an example of the participatory approach that is utilized in soliciting nurses’ input (American Nursing Association, 2012).

Principles of Professional Nursing Practice Professional practices are closely linked to personal commitment.The engagement in professional practice exercise entails much more than practicing for financial growth among the health professionals…

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