Project Management Plan

Develop a project management plan for the company and product, service, or other ideas from your business plan in the Marketing and Strategy course.

In this course, I have written and would like you to write about Walmart Drive through service. I have attached the modules 1-4 already written, and the rubric. I would like you to adhere strictly to the course rubric.


Significant Forces

Operations section is regarded as the part of an enterprise that is responsible for the production of goods and services. In an ideal business setting, the company is required to attain a match of demand and supply. Producing fewer goods would result in customer satisfaction while producing excess would also be wasteful. The supply is mainly involved in operations and supply chains. However, operation functions also need support from other sections of the company to produce products and offer services. Operational management involves making critical decisions that influence the entire company.

The history of operations management dates back to the beginning of the Industrial Revolution in the 1770s (Bayraktar, Jothishankar, Tatoglu, & Wu, 2007). Before that time, the creation of goods and services was done by craftsmen in small shops. The process could involve one individual being in charge of the entire process, and the tools available were also simple. In the wake of the 18th Century, innovations substituted human power for machine power. Standard gauging systems also revolutionized the operations during the Industrial Revolution, since it led to large-scale production of products. During the scientific management era, which was introduced by Taylor, factories experienced changes in their management. This management system focused on observation, economic incentives, analysis, measurement, and improving work methods (Bayraktar et al., 2007). This method was more inclined to maximizing output. The early 20th century witnessed the uprising of automobile manufacturing industries, which resulted in the introduction of mass production. The scientific management era put more emphasis on technical aspects, while the human resource movement emphasized the essentialism of human elements in the organization. Several theories such as the Six Sigma, which focuses on processes that eliminate defects for quality control were also introduced (Bayraktar et al., 2007).   

Today’s operations management is highly affected by global competition and information technology. The internet has offered great potential for companies as well as risks. The companies that exist today need to clearly understand the risks as well as the potential benefits presented by technology. E-commerce is also receiving much recognition from business owners regarding planning, decision-making, and strategy development. The management of technology is a high priority for current organizations.

The past trends and forces driving changes in operational management has also impacted companies like Walmart. The introduction of mass production has also been adopted in Walmart to produce large volumes of products at the least possible time. The development of employee management theories during the human resource era has also enabled Walmart to employ these theories in managing their staff. Technological changes, on the other hand, have also affected Walmart’s operations. Technological advancements have changed the strategies used by Walmart to produce, market and deliver their products to companies. For instance, the internet led to the introduction of e-commerce, which has enabled Walmart to reach a wider audience globally. The adoption of technology has also given Walmart a competitive edge, as well as a more sustainable means of producing their products while ensuring that their operations have fewer effects on the environment.

Key Obstacles

The evolution of operations management in the modern era has been faced with some obstacles. The most notable are innovation, globalization, quality problems, and sustainability. The modern era has experienced changes in customer experiences. The transition to the modern era has forced companies like Walmart to find new and or improved services and products as a means of gaining value for the company. With the employment of technology, Walmart has been able to gain information concerning their customer’s preferences and come up with innovations that improve customers’ services…..

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