Project Reflection

Purpose: to connect how literature reflects conflicts and values in our society from a variety of perspectives; to become more experienced in accessing and evaluating expert information from researched sources and incorporating the information into a thesis-supported essay.

Assignment: You will choose  2- 3  specific readings in our text book and research expert opinion about social, cultural,  and historical context and  real-life influences and how they develop a theme of permanent and universal value.  You will make connections between the readings and the research and, using your informed opinion,  draw some conclusions about the particular theme you are studying.

In addition to your essay, you will be graded on a brief research proposal, the quality of researched sources, and your correct use of MLA citation format.

Essay Requirements:  750 – 1000 words (3 – 4 pages double-spaced, 12 pt font, Times New Roman)

Your essay will introduce two readings from the textbook; at least one of them must be from the list below;  however, the second may be a reading not on the list, but included in our text.  You also will identify the theme or central idea, cultural or historical context and other influences on  the theme or central idea.  The introduction also will identify your literary focus, for example, character, imagery, symbolism.  

Your thesis, included at the end of the introduction, will  be an arguable assertion of your purpose and perspective: should include theme and influence.  The thesis grade will include the statement as well as the support throughout the essay.  

Your thesis will be supported with specific examples from each  selection and include  1 – 2 supporting statements from experts.  Ideally you will add your own  interpretation or commentary on relevance of the examples and even what the experts have to say.  You should develop enough substance to draw connections for the synthesis section of the essay

Synthesis of the Readings and Ideas:
Shows the relationship among all readings, the theme, and the influence as asserted in thesis statement.  You may choose to add commentary and support from your researched selections for this section.

Shows your  insight into the theme and comments (without using first person) on the significance of the influences or the outcome.

Documentation – in-text citations –
All in-text citations are correct; all material that should be cited is correctly cited;

Documentation – Work cited list –
work cited list is complete and connects seamlessly with in-text citations.

Documentation – quality of sources –

Use at least three credible, authoritative,  and relevant sources.

Readings: you must use at least one of the following:
“Harlem,” Langston Hughes
“The Cask of Amontillado” E. A. Poe
“Bully,” Martin Espada
“Immigrants,” Pat Mora
“Trifles,” Susan Glaspell
“We Real Cool,” Gwendolyn Brooks
“Design,” Robert Frost
“Incident,” Countee Cullen
“A & P,” John Updike
“To Be of Use,” Marge Piercy
“Ex-Basketball Player,”
“Everyday Use,” Alice Walker
A Raisin in the Sun. Lorraine Hasberry
“The Things They Carried,” Tim O‘Brien
“No Crime,” Billy Goda
“A Noiseless Patient Spider

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