The proposal will be organized as follows:

Title page 

Proposal Abstract – The abstract is an important piece of a grant proposal. It provides the first impression of your proposal to the reviewer. It succinctly lets the reviewer know the purpose of your evaluation study, why it is important, and how you will carry it out. Your abstract should be no more than 250 words. I recommend writing it after you complete the main body of the proposal.

Main Body (9-15 pages)
a. Introductory paragraph – No more than ½ page: Provide an overview of the importance of the evaluation.
b. Statement of the Problem (3-5 pages): This section is your literature review. It is used to define the research problem, provide the context for your
evaluation, and builds the case for the importance of your evaluation.  You
should conclude this section with a succinct description of the rationale for
your evaluation and your evaluation question. You will need to include at least ten peer-reviewed, original research journal articles.
c. Program Design and Implementation: In this section you will provide a
detailed description of how you will carry out your evaluation.
d. Potential Impact – Approximately 1 to 2 pages: Explain how the findings from your evaluation could be used to inform criminal justice policy or practice.

D. References

Program Design and Implementation

The overall objective of this assignment is to help you explain how you plan to carry out your evaluation. Specifically, how will you collect the data you need to answer your evaluation question? Your research plan should be able to address the following:
          ● Sample and Participant Selection
    o Who is the target population
    o Who will be in your sample (target group, locations, demographics)
▪ Specify the location (State, program, prison, etc.)
    o How many participants will be in your sample
▪ If there are multiple groups in your sample, identify each group,
who is in each group, and how many people are in each group
(and how they will end up in each group [i.e., the sampling
    o What will your unit of measurement be (e.g. individuals, programs,
    o How will you select your sample
▪ Probability or nonprobability sampling 
▪ Which sampling technique(s) will you use
▪ Clearly explain how the sampling process will be conducted, from
start to finish
● Measures
    o If measurement instruments will be used (e.g., survey, pretests/posttests, coding sheets, etc.)
▪ Identify the instrument
          ● If it is an instrument that has already been developed, state the name of the instrument and its author(s), describe the instrument, and correctly cite it
          ● If you are developing the instrument, describe how it would
be designed, the type of instrument, etc.
          ● If you are modifying an established instrument, state the
name of the instrument and its author(s), describe the
instrument, cite the instrument, and describe how you
would modify it
          ▪ Include sample questions that would be used to measure your
          ▪ Clearly state if the instrument is an interview, self-report, etc. Also
state if you will administer the instrument and if not, who will
          ▪ Clearly state when the instrument will be administered and how
often, how long it takes to complete, which groups would complete
it, etc.
    o If you are using data already collected, explain where you will get the
data from, and describe the data (i.e., which variables from the dataset
you will use, when the data were collected [including how many times],
from whom the data were collected)
    o Discuss how you will ensure the validity and reliability of your measures (e.g., which methods will you use to assess validity and reliability)
          ● Independent and dependent variables
    o Clearly define the independent and dependent variables in your research
    o Clearly operationalize the independent and dependent variables in your research question 
    o Identify the level of measurement for your independent and dependent variables
o Describe the independent and dependent variables’ attributes 
● Procedure
o Identify and explain the type of evaluation you will be conducting and the
research method (e.g., survey, experiment, secondary analysis, etc.) you
will use for your evaluation
o Explain how you will carry out your evaluation from start to finish. That is,
begin with who you will need to contact in order to conduct the
evaluation (if applicable), and end with the completion of the/your data
o Discuss how you will follow the principles of ethical research
o Discuss data collection concerns (type and quality, strengths and

Potential Impact

This section of your proposal is an expansion of the intended outcomes in your introduction. For this assignment, you will describe the potential implications for your evaluation. Consider who might be interested in this proposed evaluation to help you think through how the results of the evaluation could be used. You do not have to explain who would be interested in your proposed evaluation. Just think about that as you brainstorm potential uses for the findings. If the evaluation were completed, and the findings support your hypothesis, how could the results be used? If the evaluation were completed, and the findings do not support your hypothesis, how could the results be used?

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