Psy Homework

I need help with HW need to be at least 250 words each in apa format must provide example. Assignment will be check against the plagiarism checker. 

1. Examine the three major types of consequences that result from stress:direct physiological effects; harmful behaviors, and indirect-healthrelated behaviors. Discuss a stressor you’ve encountered and apply itto each consequence. Discuss the current research that links stress topsychoneuroimmunology, and highlight how stress impacts theimmune system. 

2. Imagine that you were to win the Powerball lottery tomorrow. Whattype(s) of stress, in your opinion, would diminish because ofincreased financial resources? What does current research say aboutwhether or not money “buys” happiness? Evaluate these theories: doyou agree or disagree with this research? What are the advantagesand limitations of these theories? As part of your answer, explainthree characteristics related to happy people. 

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