Public Relation and Marketing

Analyze case study based on readings from Forde and Lucas; PLUS, an article retrieved from Internet. Use a brief analytical writing style, Include Cover page, introduction, body (to answer the questions from the end of the case study in Forde), and conclusion (where you include your recommendations)

Public relation is an important aspect in business development and maintenance of competitive advantage in business. It enhances the interaction between the firm and its customers. It is the cheapest and efficient mode of advertisement, thereby forming part of most marketing strategies (Scott, 2013). Notable results associated with the use of public relations include increased sales, improved profitability, and enhance competitiveness over business rivals. Also, public relations has been known to save fallouts during crises like bankruptcy, lawsuits and other potentially harmful situations (Buttle, 2015). Successful public relations attract the attention of the customers to the company and in turn, raise the competitiveness in a busy market environment. Secondly, interest and enthusiasm are generated on the company’s goods and services. Finally, the credibility of the company is enhanced, and image polished while in turn defusing crises and minimizing potential damage when it occurs.

Additional Research Required

In addition to the research on public relations within the company, it is important that a study is undertaken on the competitors’ approaches to capitalize on their weaknesses or perfect on their strengths….

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