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1. Perform a “Five Forces” analysis on the auto industry. Identify and define all five forces, explain how they relate to this particular industry and what key success factors and driving forces, if any, exist in the auto industry.

2. Did Steve Jobs want to be “rich” or be a “king,” as described in Wasserman’s “Founders’ Dilemmas.” Identify and define every decision point involved in the Founders’ Dilemmas, relate them back to the Apple and argue your opinion. (use ‘week2’ slide to answer question number one.) (use ‘Apple’s core’ to answer question number two.

1. Auto industry Porter Five Forces

The global auto industry is a competitive market with many players who not only rely on reliability and safety to survive in the market, but rely on their ability to satisfy customers’ expectation and preference. Competitive rivalry is a significant intensity of the Porter Five Forces in the auto industry. Competition results from key players such as Nissan, Toyota, General Motors, Hyundai, Volkswagen, and Ford. Top players have competitive rivalry and aggressiveness that result from innovativeness. According to Dobbs, the threat of new entrants is limited by the high initial capital and the high cost of operating business and brand development (32). Regarding the threats from substitutes, the only substitutes are air, water, and railway transport vessel industry, but they do not offer much competition since road transport is the leading mode in most nations….

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