Qualities of a Successful Leader

Develop a professional response to the supervisor using the template provided. The letter will have two main components:

Identify the qualities of a successful leader and compare them to your own leadership characteristics.
Make recommendations on how to lead and foster teamwork.
Please refer to the scoring guide for details on how you your assessment will be evaluated.

In the preliminary stages of assembling a competent team to execute the task, I will consider member who have shown strong leadership skills. In this case scenario, my ideal team leader should have qualities that resonate with those of Lynton Britton. As an aspiring leader, I think someone with Lynn Britton’s qualities will intertwine the cultural norms of the locals into the hospital policies effortlessly. A creative leader has the ability to brainstorm with team members to provide viable solutions to problems as soon as they arise  (Lauren, 2020).  Brainstorming brings forth inclusivity as all members of the team feel respected and valued to contribute to solutions in the institution. There is need to bring on board a leader who is focused and driven I also plan to incorporate an excellent communicator to lead the team; it is essential to have a leader who will present the objectives, strategy in a clear and concise manner to the team members and offer constructive and impartial feedback.

The team leader must also be committed and flexible people. The team leader needs to be able to engage and interact with the community members to establish ways to bridge the cultural gaps. It is also a plus to have someone empathetic…

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