Question design


Below is a case study, read it and write a 500-word paper that answers the questions that follow.

Case: Shirley and Abdul

Both Shirley and Abdul worked for a Software Company, with a manager in the division of new product who was the leader of the project team. Sarah, the manager, interviewed Abdul, a software engineer who had worked for other companies in designing and programming database and operating systems. The manager noticed he was an excellent engineer and programmer and was indecisive about whether to give him a position in the corporation. Therefore, Sarah requested Shirley, a team member of the project, to interview this new member who was looking forward to working with the team. However, Shirley strongly opposed the idea of hiring Abdul for the project. She believed that he was incompetent and not well experienced in working for the company. Nevertheless, Sarah decided to hire Abdul, and he finally got a position in the software company even after being disapproved by Shirley.

Eight months after Abdul was employed, Sarah left the project and started her business. She recommended that Shirley and Abdul work as joint leaders for the project. Shirley did not like the idea but reluctantly decided to agree to the proposal. However, Shirley visited the manager and stipulated that it should be made clear to Abdul that she was not working for him. Therefore, the general manager called both of them and consented that they will be sharing the leadership of the project. The general manager also briefed them on their responsibilities such as planning, preparing and allocating time and work to team members, documenting the requirements of clients and translating them to design specifications and testing all projects handled by members before giving it to the customer. They were both pleased and went to their offices to continue with their tasks…

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