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The assignments contain two questions that you have to answer, each questions about 500 words response. I ordered two pages because two questions need to be answered separately. Each answer should have 2-3 paragraphs

Question OneMerchants of Cool and Generation Like are both documentary films focusing the social behavior of teens and the different ways that businesses have utilized the various aspects associated with each generation. Even though both films have their primary focus on the life of a teenager as well as the corresponding choices that one makes, they have notable differences because of the changing times and the technological advancements that have impacted on the average teenager’s life a great deal. Merchants of Cool revolves around the buying and selling of ‘cool’ while Generation Like depicts the world where most choices are related to social media platforms and their overall effects. The films represent the typical life of a teenager based on the date and time, how the media is using teens to manipulate the market, and how companies are taking advantage of the opportunity. At the same time, there are some notable differences such as the type of media used and the extent of control.  In both films, the concept relates to teenagers and how media and firms might use them to gain popularity or sell their products. In the Merchants of Cool

Question 2

Socialization begins when the baby is born and grows to adulthood where it molds every stage of development. Every activity a child partakes it be it a party, sport or playdate shapes and prepare the child on conflict resolution and how to fit in a group. Therefore, one of the most dramatic effects on the child’s education is that of the socialization process. The family offers the child the first lesson in socialization. As a result, one can state that socialization is the manner where individuals particularly children turn into functioning members of the particular group and adopt their values, beliefs, and behaviors (Paloutzian and Park 98). More importantly, sharing experiences with other nurtures a spirit of reassurance among children. A family that trusts its child boost the child’s confidence. When the child is in adolescent, he or she will be more strongly be influenced by his peers. The way a person speaks or behaves reflects on where they live and the people around the person. (Print and Lange 56). It is crucial to share love and propel values that a child can live by even in future because what they learn as children is what they hold for a long time. They will struggle to fit or be true to their identity. It also means that children in early teens will try behaviors of different groups. Therefore, the lessons they learn become essential when they grow up…

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