Recklessness: Power, Self Interests and Irresponsible Creations

Sustainability issue

Write 5 Pages Length 1617 words “other than the sources” >>MLA Format

Read the book Frankestien, follow the instruction on the provided paper instruction bellow.

Find an issue about the environment that relates to the book Frikeinstien >> this book, don’t write the paper about the book, write it about the issue you see in enviorment relates to it

Use Metaphor method in the paper with examples and connect them with our society/ life.

Develop questions that may help in writing the paper, find counter examples related to the topic.

Find sources related to the issue the you want to argue about, you need to use Frikenstiene and examples from the book to back up the isssue and relate it to it, first you need to make compression between the issue and the book, before you start the essay please send me the issue that you choose so that i can see if its approved or not, or you are being in the right track, also send me the souces provide the link with them before starting the essay.. i need to check it up so that i don’t make you revise it later if it wasn’t what i needed.. note that the argument has to be Your OWN not Marry Shelly’s argument .. come up with one from your own.. make it easy to understand but at the same time good written and structiored .. please do send me the issue you arre thinking about and the main points with the sources links before starting the essay.. in order for everything to be correct the exact way >> find legerdemain sources i need to see them before 24 hours , thank you

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The world is full of countless examples on the way individual, groups of people, institutions and nations lose their heads due to recklessness. In the pursuit of power and self interests, people have let their guard down, failing to control their quests for personal success. As a result, they have committed acts whose consequences they could not control. In the process, they have jeopardized not only their own safety and peace of mind, but that of others as well. Like in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein where the deeply curious Victor Frankenstein conducts the dangerous and irresponsible experiment of trying to create life, lading to coming to life of grotesque creature, one who is immoral and cares little about the wellbeing of any other person. The Creature ends up consuming the lives of Frankenstein’s friends. There are many lessons that can be drawn from reading Shelley’s novel. This essay will explore the subject of recklessness, as is demonstrated through the use of power, self interests and the creation of irresponsible creations, all which have a detrimental effects people and the world at large.


To begin with, a definition of recklessness, as will apply in this essay, is appropriate. In its simplest definition, recklessness happens when people act without considering the consequences of their actions. In their pursuit of power and quest to maximize self interests, people often commit acts that are tantamount to recklessness (Verene 44). Among the many effects of recklessness are the creations of irresponsible creations which not only are not beneficial to anyone at all, but which also eat into the value of the world.

There are many demonstrations of recklessness in the contemporary world. Just like Frankenstein, who due to his desire to prove his scientific prowess goes too far as to create a creature which he could not resin in, individuals and nations continue to make the same mistake. The end result, just like it was for Frankenstein, is recklessness. For instance, driven by the desire to show their might, some nations go as far as waging wars, which lead to deaths, displacement of people and wanton destruction of property. In his desire to control Europe, Adolf Hitler proactively marched his troops and attacked Poland, sparking a conflict that would later suck in the rest of the work. Were it not for Hitler’s provocative and reckless maneuvers in Europe, World War II could not have happened (Osolo 253). Perhaps the example of Hitler and World War II is an extreme one because it took place at a macro level; Hitler was simply fascinated with death. However, not only rogue individuals, institutions and nations that succumb to recklessness, even decent one do. Not too long ago, celebrated tennis player Maria Sharapova confessed to having used unacceptable drugs so as to improve her prowess on tennis pitch. Veteran sportsmen and women have repeatedly failed anti doping tests, all because of having used illicit drugs that are forbidden in the world of sportsmanship. Why do they do it? Don’t they know that their entire careers are on the line, that they could be stripped all titles won and banned completely for participating? The answer for this is simple, and it is the same one why governments drug their nations to war, knowing very well that lives will be lost and property destroyed: recklessness (Cane 80). Just like Frankenstein paid dearly for his actions, there will always be a high price to be paid by those who act recklessly…

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