Referral and Substance Abuse

The performance of a student-athlete, may deteriorate over time. The factors causing a decline in the performance may include substance abuse and burnout. It is only the coach who may notice the change in behavior and conduct of the student. If the need arises, they may refer the student athlete to either a sports psychologist or a physical/mental health professional. This essay will discuss the conditions under which a student athlete may be referred to a health professional for a further consultation so as to prevent the occurrence of injuries.

Substance Abuse

Substance abuse is a common practice among high school and college students. To bring the to an end, the coach should organize a program whereby the athletes will be sensitized to the dangers associated with drug use. In this regard, the trainer will converse with the student athletes about the negative athletic consequences of drug abuse. Further, specific expectations of the role that every team member is to play in ensuring their colleagues remain healthy by not abusing drugs should be outlined.  The strategy is adopted because most of the students are less informed about the consequences of drug abuse. This approach will be effective if the athletes are involved in the discussion through active participation where the students give their points of view and the coach in turn responds to their concerns.      

The coach should organize a mentoring program whereby the guest speakers will be popular athletes who do not use drugs…..

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