Reflection-Managing Time and Stress

Order instructions and ebook are uploaded. All requirements will be in order instructions. For step 1, tracking target is an international student from China. Please record the activities closer to the fact. Others just follow the instruction.

Category Sample Used (can be omitted)

Category 1-High Urgency, High Importance- Have a school project to be delivered in 24 hours

Category 2-Low Importance, High Urgency- A friend called asking to meet up later for coffee

Category 3– High Importance, Low Urgency-Need to start taking Spanish classes

Category 4-Low Importance, Low Urgency-Clean my backyard

            Time is a limited provision that always needs to be well appropriated for maximum value. Any diversion in planning that limit the value of time leads to a poor quality of life. In tracking my daily activities over the past weeks, I feel a great sense of entitlement to my daily routine. There are details and issues that can only be recognized when the daily routine is written down on paper (Whetten & Cameron, 2015; Forsyth, 2013). Over the years, I have always tried to maximize on my use of time with intent to realize more goals within a set period. Time management is an aspect that I have learned since I was a child. I was raised by a family struck by the idea of time where everything was measured with respect to time. One striking detail that I have learned from my tracking results is the amount of time I waste in changing from one course to another. I realized I spend over three hours a day on switching places or roles. Therefore, a lot of time is uncounted for in terms of objectivity and delivery of overall life goals. If the hours wasted in the transition can be appropriated to capture specific duties, there would an extended degree of success.

            It is amazing how much revelation can be achieved through a simple process of tracking daily activities. After every successful day, I took time to go through the log trying to analyze my activities. At a glance, I was able to notice a continuous predisposition towards activities that are self-centered. I often engage in activities that promote my self-interest at the expense of the collective goals in the society. I believe the revelation is a great foundation of a trajectory towards comprehensive behavior to accommodate other people in the surroundings. I spend less time with friends and family. It is an expected result of the tracking since I consider myself an introvert with many friends. Unfortunately, I am just a busy student with introverted thinking, which limits my social life. However, I was able to reconsider some changes in order to embrace a better life with the more objective use of time. Therefore, I plan to spend more time developing real social connections and ensure a swift transition from one activity to another.             An activity is considered important when it has a positive impact on the general course in life. Any activity that seeks to ensure the achievement of social, economic, or political goals is important. For instance, the advances towards meeting my friends and hanging out with my classmates have a practical social significance. It leads to a pronounced social life with positive contacts. Such progresses always pay back in the future when friends become business contacts…

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