Reflection Paper: Communication in Relationships

Reflection paper in which you apply textbook concepts (such as terms or theories) to your everyday life. you dont really do much reflecting, as you do redefining and explaining the terms. Be sure to follow the specific guidelines and reflect on your life. IT”S NOT ABOUT EXPLAINING THOSE TERMES.

One of the important roles of relationships is to provide a platform for sharing knowledge. In fact, individuals amass expertise from their social and personal contacts. By engaging in relationships, people are opened to ideas of different people. In addition, one gathers information on subjects that one is unfamiliar with by interacting with knowledgeable parties. The concept of sharing information through relationships is crucial since it means that individuals can determine what they know and what they do not know by choosing their associations. For instance, when I wanted to learn about cryptocurrency trading, I had to look for, and interact with individuals who are well-versed on the subject. Indeed, individuals are only limited in knowledge through their relationship choices, and relevant and beneficial relationships would most likely occur to people who apply a relationship filtering process, maintain proper communication to build, transform, and continue the established connections. When seeking to start a new relationship, based on information gathering or support needs, individuals apply a relationship filtering process. The model described in the coursework has four filtering stages, of which the first two are subconscious, and the final two steps are deliberate. On meeting a stranger, individuals apply initial filtering through appearance, behavior, and non-verbal communication. Information filtering in these stages is subconscious. From the third and fourth stages of relationship filtering, which are roles and psychological similarity, there is a markedly increased sense of deliberation and activeness in making choices. The relationship information filtering process is applied in all aspects of interaction…

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