Reforming Medical Torts

In the medical field, the reform of tort law is often discussed as it relates to patient compensation. Some argue that existing allows for unreasonable settlements to plaintiffs, and these costs drive up the overall cost of care (see ). Others insist that the current structure is needed to hold companies accountable (see ). What is your opinion? would you change the present system, and if so, how? Support your position with logical arguments.

In my opinion, it is important that the current medical torts should be reformed for the betterment of healthcare.  Although most of the laws work to protect the patients and prevent negligence by the doctors, the pressure by the doctors to avoid litigations results in a rise of defensive medicine, which is as a result of medical practitioners aiming at limiting future lawsuits due to medical errors. Defensive medicine in most cases is harmful to the patient-physician relationship, and also causes a moral harm on the doctor and thus undermining service delivery (Sekhar & Vyas, 2013). Since the filing of suits against physicians becomes familiar, it is important that various ways are employed to provide an effective solution. Laws that are associated with medical errors should be properly defined as the acts of negligence, and well understood so as to avoid cases where patients take advantage of the situation to extort money from the physicians who may not be negligent in the discharge of their duties…

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