Renewable Energy Sources

What economic and social policies would need to be implemented to promote the widespread use of renewable energy?

Identify a city (different from the ones we’ve examined) where renewable energy policies have been introduced in the last 5 years. Describe the efforts and success of their implementation

The economic developments of the world have created a demand for energy. The renewable sources of energies have undergone explorations over the years.  According to Larcher & Tarascon, solar, biomass, and hydropower are the leading sources of renewable energy being utilized all over the world (22). There exist a variety of social and economic policies that need to undergo implementation. The policies might help in spearheading the use of renewable energies.

The renewable energy transmission initiative policy is one that aims at integrating renewable resources. It aims at meeting the 33 percent energy mandate by the year 2020 (Pehnt 57). It also aims at reducing greenhouse gas emissions by the year 2020 to levels similar to those of 1990 (Carrasco et al. 8). The important part of the goals for reducing gasses emitted from greenhouses is to ensure that there exists a carbon-free electricity system. It aims at doing this through the employment of renewable electricity, increase in the coordination of demand and supply across the electric grid, and through promoting the efficiency of energies.

Larcher & Tarascon assert that policies that aim at promoting grid interconnection, such as the Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC) work towards distributing clean energy that physically connects to the utility grid (22). The policy specifies the technical requirements, fee, processes, and time frames for connecting renewable energy systems (Change). The policy is usually based on the fact that interconnection standards can provide streamlined, cost-effective, predictable, and expedited processes for the involved parties. The parties include the developers, utility, and end energy user…

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