Student Observations

responsible for carefully reading Worth, pp.17-18 student observation and Worth, pp.23-24 student Conclusions

you should to answer for outline paper

2-3 minutes) Verbally summarize your assigned student’s class observation findings and conclusion (the two sections of the article). This should take 2-3 minutes. (You should practice what you want to say before class, including vocabulary and pronunciation, so your classmates will understand you.) While speaking, look at your classmates and make sure they are understanding you. If you’re not sure, ask them (“Are you following?” “Am I speaking

clearly/loudly enough/too fast?”)2. (6-8 minutes) Present your two discussion questions to ask your group one at a time and encourage and guide your classmates to participate. If one student is not speaking, ask that student what he/she thinks.

The use of language between the teachers and the students is a major determinant of the success or failure of the introductory classes in colleges (Anderson et al., 1990). As a student of International Studies focusing specifically on Africa, I found my professor’s teaching and testing techniques boring, thus slept in most of the classes I attended. Since I was poor in note taking and the teacher spoke fast, memorizing the things learned in class became difficult, and I opted to see the teacher. My meeting with the teacher changed my tolerance to her classes. From our discussion, I discovered that her audience values laid in history, making me focus on what she wanted worked, thus improving my grades in the mid-term exams.


From the project, I discovered that the cost-benefit analysis applies in the class setting. For students taking introductory classes, it is clear that good scoring grades rest upon the requirements of the teacher. After facing difficulties in understanding the things taught in class, I had to talk to my teacher to know what was required of me. Consequently, I was able to align my studies to the requirements of the teacher, hence better performance. Today, I speak with my professors during office hours and before and after classes, giving me the opportunity to know the audience, thus better-writing skills…

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