Research Activity

Assessment 1  – research activity

This assessment requires the learner to conduct research on the internal and external environment for a product or service related to their workplace or training environment. The learner must consult with their assessor about their chosen product or service to ensure it’s suitable for the unit’s assessment activities and allows them to be assessed against all assessment criteria.

The assessment consists of four tasks which must be submitted together.

Task 1 requires the learner to research the internal business environment and respond to a series of written questions.

Task 2 requires the learner to research the external business environment and respond to a series of written questions.

Task 3 requires the learner to complete a SWOT analysis based on the information they obtain in Task 1 and Task 2.

Task 4 requires the learner to record the sources of information they used to obtain information about the internal and external environment.

The research activity will be comprised of four tasks. The steps are based on Kaden (2006) Guerrilla marketing research techniques.

Task 1

The foremost task will be the collection of information that is relevant to the marketing. The research takes the explorative nature, and the success of the research is reliant on the availability of information. The information that is important for the research includes the previous data conducted, regarding Australian hospitality industry such as the political, social, economic and technological elements that are the building blocks of the structuring PEST and SWOT analysis tools.

            Task 2

            The second task entails the analysis of the information obtained and the determination of the application in assessing and formulating a marketing plan and strategies. The important information obtained from qualitative literature review will be analyzed to assist in the assessment of the market through the key strategies, price, product, and process assessments. The common marketing techniques revolve around the segmented market mix, whose variables include demographic, psychological and geographical variables.

            Task 3                 The third task will be a market assessment. It will entail the evaluation of how the organization provides accessible services and products to customers, how, when and where they lean toward them. It will entail the exploration of the way the organization plans to meet the demands of the clients and how it reaches its customers. The step will also include the assessment of the marketing and promotional methods employed by the hospitality company…

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