Reviewing determinants of health

Assessable discussion: Reviewing determinants of health

Compare and contrast Australian proposal: Time to re-consider 

In an earlier activity in module 3 you were asked to do the following:

1.       Consider the overall framework for Australian health and study the two options proposed by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW 2000 and either AIHW 2004 or 2010).

2.       Study the conceptual framework for the determinants of health from Australia’s Health 2004 (AIHW 2004, p. 123) or Australia’s Health 2010 (AIHW 2010, p.65) and, using dietary behavior as an example, consider how many of the factors in Figure 3.3 or Figure 3.4, affect dietary behavior, and in what ways.

You were also asked to consider the attribution of the factors involved in premature mortality proposed in 1977 by the US Center for Disease Control, and to consider howthis links/differs from the issues today?

Discuss with your fellow students whether or not you would change your original proposals, and why you would change/not change.

  1. Assessable Discussion 6 – Module 3: 400 words maximum per posting due 5pm, Friday 11th November

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