Riordan Manufacturing: Information Systems and Technology

Resource: Riordan Manufacturing Virtual Organization Review the following scenario: You are an employee of Riordan Manufacturing, which has just gone through a company reorganization. You have been reassigned to a different position and are now the information technology (IT) assistant project director. Your supervisor has informed you that the company is expanding and will open a new office in Seattle, Washington. You have been tasked with expanding the company’s IT infrastructure by setting up the IT system in the new office. Write a paper that identifies the organization’s information systems and their functionalities. Select one of the organization’s major systems, and describe its global interconnectivity and the potential result of a failure of a major component of this system. Include the reasons to protect this system and the consequences of inadequate security

The information systems and technology forms a critical part of a company’s competitiveness and success. The proper implementation of these aspects ensures that the organization can maximize productivity by enabling efficient operations. The systems foster faster communication, records protection, information gathering, and electronic storage of information (Laudon & Laudon, 2005). The Riordan Manufacturing Company aiming to remain as a leader in plastics production requires an efficient and well-integrated information systems and technology. The information system would support the organization’s workflow by ensuring the coordination of the business activities. The paper identifies Riordan’s information systems in the new office and their functionality, and describes the global interconnectivity of the financial system and the dangers of its failure.

The organization’s new office would demand several information systems that would assure its successful running and connectivity with other branches. The management information system is one of the critical aspects that would be used in decision making and executing managerial functions. Laudon and Laudon (2005) discuss that the tool enables the tracking of productivity, sales, and expenses and develops the best approaches to realize the organization’s objectives. The system significantly affects the direction of the company, as the leaders utilize this to develop strategies. Secondly, the procurement system is an information system that would assist in the automation of the organization’s purchasing process. The function is to make sure that the office acquires all its needs, and this would assure the running of the company’s operations at minimal costs. The procurement system would be used to identify requirements and hence, generate orders and track them. As a result, there is a balance between the reduction of inventory costs and minimizing the out-of-stock risks.  The use of electronic data interchange would eliminate errors and delays within the procurement procedures…

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