Risk and Analysis Management Plan

If an occurrence has an effect on the accomplishment of the company’s goal, then that event can be defined as a risk. It has long been linked with the use of insurance to guard companies against losses. Risk and analysis management initiated long ago after World War II, and the primary aim was to ensure that company’s properties are employed in an effective and efficient manner to cope with threats.

Banking Risk Likelihoods and Consequences

Banking Risk Likelihoods. Banking risk harms the company finances and can cause company closure. The probability of the banking risk could be a loss of company’s cash resulting from insufficient or futile internal practices, people, and structures or external events. Other causes include incompetency or incorrect posting of workers and misappropriation of authorities. The possibility of failure to secure the company cash can lead to banking risk. Also, default of an individual cash management can cause effect amongst other parties threatening the firmness or stability of the company financial structure. In the context of MacVille investment of $4000 is considered of minor consequence because of security likelihood and failure to banking.

Banking Risk Consequences. The company faces a decline in the economic zone, and this affects the company growth. It signifies the instability experience in the damage of the company’s future. This inability to secure company’s cash results in corporations and individuals around the world trailing several billion.

Managers Travel Risk Likelihood

It is likely this risk occurs due to poor time management. Failure to have a proper transport means can cause injury to the manager. Additionally, traveling to risky places can threaten managers’ lives. In Paula’s feedback, the board should review the time for it is very significant. Travel risk can lead to the death of the managers, and this can cause considerable complications for a company, as was shown in Paula’s feedback, where death of an employee was indicated having a catastrophic consequence. If a manager is injured while traveling as part of their work for the company, this means financial losses to the company.

By-Law Compliance Risks Likelihood and ConsequencesLikelihood. Reputational risk harms the company…

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