Risk Management In Healthcare Settings 3

Discussion Question 1: Physician Negligence and Risk Management

Read the following scenario and respond to it as a risk manager.

Mr. And Mrs. Watros came to the Memorial Hospital for the deliveryof their first child. While Mrs. Watros was in labor, the couple had towait for nearly two hours to get a room. During that time, no hospitalnurse attended to her. As the waiting room was full of patients, anexhausted Mrs. Watros sat on the floor. Mr. Watros reported this to anurse. The nurse responded that it was past her shift, and she could donothing.

These problems were later reported to a physician. The physician said,“It is just the way things go wrong here sometimes. You just have toget used to it.”

After delivery, the nurse carrying the infant slipped. The baby wasunharmed. The explanation given was, “there was disinfectant fluid onthe floor, which makes the floor a little slippery.”

On discharge, Mr. and Mrs. Watros decided to sue the hospital. Thephysician admitted negligence and poor treatment, but did not see areason to apologize.

Put yourself in the position of all the people involved (as well as thehospital), and describe what could have been done differently. 

Discussion Question 2: Relationship between Risk Management and Patient Satisfaction

Would you support the idea that patient satisfaction ratings shouldbe tied to reimbursement payments? Is this idea appropriate? As a riskmanager, how might you respond to a nurse who says, “That’s not fairbecause some patients will never be happy”? How will you go aboutexplaining the importance of this metric to staff?

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