Science at Work


Science based companies are the companies that engage in innovative practices with the aim of making the world a better place for populations. In the current knowledge era, companies are striving to make science-based decisions for sustainability to increase their competitive advantage in the increasingly competitive global business environment. The Coca Cola Company is one of the largest science based companies in the world, which deals with the manufacture and distribution of soft drinks. Since it is an international company, Coca Cola serves several countries in various continents of the world. The company is considered to be science based because it has a range of scientific innovations that are conducted by its research and development department. The other science based companies that are relevant to this discussion are: the Brakes Group, a leading supplier of food and drinks in the United Kingdom, France and Sweden, the Unilever company which produces personal care and household cleaning agents and Dunbia, a leading meat processor in Northern Ireland.  

The Brakes Group

The Brakes Group is one of the leading food and drinks supplying companies in the United Kingdom, Ireland, France and Sweden. According to Beng (2013), the company has over 100,000 committed staff who work in 80 different locations.  Situated in Ashford, the company has been in operation in the United Kingdom over the last fifty years, growing through acquisitions and organically to become the largest food service providing company in the United Kingdom. The company deals with a wide variety of food products such as chilled products, fresh meat products, bacon products and non-prepared fruit and vegetable. The organization supplies these products to different users within the Europe. The company mainly engages in the provision of delivered wholesale and contract logistical services to the catering industry within Europe. Additionally, the company is categorized as private and has other divisions such as Brakes Logistics, Pauley’s, Prime meat, Brakes catering equipment among others.

Type of Work. The organization deals with a wide range of activities. One such activity is the distribution of the company’s products to various parts of Europe. The organization has a system of Primary Consolidation Centers that facilitate the movement of both ambient and frozen products from one location to another at an optimum cost. In cases where the supply of goods is done through the third party consolidation centers, it is referred to as Vendor Management Inventory or consignment. Moreover, the company has a range of rules that the suppliers have to follow especially in the areas where the firm does not have Vendor Management Inventory.

Another activity that the company engages in is the efficient packaging of the products to ensure the protection of the contents against damage of any kind. The food products that are delivered by Brakes to the catering industry have to be packaged well. Thus the suppliers are mandated to carry out pre-delivery product handling tests and must provide samples of the products to the nominated customer before delivering to Brakes. Moreover, the organization requires that the packaging of the products that are delivered for supply should be able to stand the manual assembly into roll cages and stacks. Moreover, the packaging of the products should have labels intended for use both at chilled or frozen temperatures. The materials that are used for packaging are; cases, bags that are made from food grade durable polythene blends, sealing tapes, labels, and outer cases…

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