Scope Statement: Waste Heat Recovery Project

your assignment this week is to create a Scope Statement for your case study project(Waste Heat Recovery Project) .

As with earlier deliverables, use a business writing style where applicable, and do not assume the audience of this Scope Statement has read previous project documentation.

HINT: this Scope Statement incorporates requirements documentation, which means you will list the requirements (project, technical and any regulatory requirements) for your case study project in this document.

Executive Summary

            The waste heat recovery project is established to help reduce the cost of production by optimizing heat production. It is based on the assumption that approximately 30% of industrial energy is lost as waste heat in the process of production. Recovering waste heat losses allows the company an opportunity to save the expense of production and establish an emission free energy resource. The company spends $150000 annually on heat production and efforts to reduce the cost of production have resulted to the Waste Heat Recovery project. The project offers a reliable solution to the problem of heat generation by allowing the company to generate more heat at a relatively cheaper cost. The use of well-established procedures, lagging of heat pipes, and efficient heat condensers will enable the company to save up to $70,000 annually. However, in order to realize the project, the company needs $500000 funding to help sort all the expenses involved. The funding is to help purchase the required technical resources, pay for labor and technology used. The actualization of the project will take two years that will be divided into three distinct phases: the first, second and third phase. The first phase involving the basic planning and primary development of the project will take 9 months. The second phase will also take 9 months and will basically involve the establishment of the new system and aligning it with the existing functional systems of the company. In the third phase, taking 6 months, the transition will be initiated that will involve employee training, development of new counter systems and identification of possible challenges and their solutions.

Business Requirements

  1. The project aims at helping the company produce twice as much heat as before the implementation of the project. This will allow the company to empower its production and serve a wider market.
  2. The company can cut down the cost of production and increase profit by a reasonable percentage.
  3. The waste heat recovery project will align the company with environmental regulation set against pollution. The project produces clean emission free energy thus avoiding conflict with government’s regulations on effluence.

Solution Requirements

Must have Capital- The project is capital intensive and requires reliable stakeholders to fund it. The stakeholders apply and are allowed to own a proportional percentage of the project. The stakeholders share in both the losses and the profits made by the project…

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