Security ArchitectureDiscussion Topic

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  • Download the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) Cloud Controls Matrix spreadsheet. (A quick Internet search should give you the address of the most current version for download.)
  • Under the “Scope Applicability” heading, select a category that is applicable to the big Airline organization.
    • For Example: if your organization handle personal medical data and uses the COBIT framework, you could choose either COBIT or HIPAA/HITECH.
  • Once you select a category, choose row from “Control Domain” (that no other student has already selected!)
  • Explain the control domain, how it maps to your chosen scope, and specifically what your organization does to implement the stated control.


  • 1000 words , APA format with Significant Citations
  • 2 comments with 500 words each in APA format with significant citations

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