“In this paper, you will explore two areas of strength, two areas of weakness, and then you will develop a plan of action related to a single strength and a single weakness.” the writer can make up any strength like i have good leadership and being positive or weakness like i always leave things to the last minute. “You sh ould have a minimum of 6 distinct academic references.” the attachment has all the reqiurement and Grading Criteria. plz do your best casue this assignment worse 25% of my final grade.


We live in pivotal times, where most of us find ourselves facing the challenges of keeping up with life changes. Regardless, it remains clear that we become motivated to take on various personal development paths. As a result, self-awareness enables us to become better people, truthful to ourselves and our thoughts, and achieve our goals. Self-awareness allows individuals to examine themselves to gain inner peace and become great leaders. It remains true that particular strengths and weaknesses determine leadership efficient and effective leaders.


As an individual, I possess high levels of integrity and self-confidence. These two traits represent me and form the basis of my character. In my day-to-day activities, I demonstrate these features through various ways. To begin with, I always keep the correct and accurate information on financial matters and always distance myself from any form of bribes at work. At school, I study for tests and do not carry any kind of cheating materials to the exam room. My ability to stay honest and truthful to my work grants me high integrity. Integrity at school and work enables me to make better decisions, creates trust, and aids me to perform better as it creates open-mindedness. According to the traits theory, peculiarities distinguish leaders from other individuals (Derue, Nahrgang, Wellmman, & Humprey, 2011). In this theory, leaders are born and not made. The theory serves to predict the effectiveness of leadership and thus determines the probability of success or failure. Successful leaders tend to have different traits from unsuccessful leaders. Integrity acts as one of the good leadership core features. In the traits theory, integrity enables an individual to become reliable, open, and trustworthy. The traits theory serves as a yardstick for leadership assessment.

On the other hand, I demonstrate self-confidence in school through group discussions. In most cases, my participation level on presentations at work remains on the high. I readily express myself without fear. Self-confidence boosts my performance in school because it enables me to become objective, highly perform, and have high self-esteem. An individual’s psychological state affects performance (Compte & Postlewaite, 2004). If a person’s mental state remains optimistic, they will have high-performance levels. Ample evidence suggests that high self-confidence brings about positive emotions, which also result to high self-esteem. Therefore, self-confidence acts as one of my key traits.

Weaknesses Procrastination…

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