Consider something in your life you think goes unnoticed and write about why it’s important to you.( Wisconsin 450 words)2. You have been elected President of the United States. Write your inauguration speech for us.( Univer of Florida 450 words)

An important aspect in my life that goes on unnoticed is the concept of self-esteem. Unknowingly, it has been self-esteem that has determined my performance and moral behavior in school and at home. The best psychological definition of the concept of self-esteem is how an individual value and like himself or herself. Every child grows seeing the world as simple and full of possibilities and adventures. As I grew up, I learnt to do what other people told me and what the society expected me to do. I was inspired by other people, including my father and consequently I overlooked on what I believed I could do it myself. Since then, he had been positive about me, I started to shape my self-worth and foundation of life in a way that I did not notice.

Self-esteem developed in my life in ways that I did not realize until when I discovered that being resilient in life began long time ago.  Accepting personal strengths and weaknesses, taking pride in myself and developing healthy attitudes towards life’s aspects went on unnoticed in my life. It is only when I drafted my autobiography when I realized that self-esteem had contributed so much in my life and it had gone on unknowingly. Self-esteem has been among the hefty portion my focuses on life that I discovered lately basically through self-reflection and spending time alone that aided me to self-understand myself.

The life I live has been dependent on my deepest values that have been imperative in building my determination. I have always had clear moral values, thus I have realized that the aspect of valuing my life has contributed significantly to my academic performance and behavior. Through the aspect of self-respect, I had been able to manage my time well and distinguish the bad from the good. It is by the law of reversibility that states that one’s actions and feelings counteract one another all the time….

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