Self Journal

Management and Organizational Behavior

Your journal must include at least 8 entries, each reflecting upon one of the major question areas provided


  1. What kind of work do I want to do? Be specific. ( school counseling – working with children)

2. Am I job-ready? Give an example. How can I improve my readiness? ( not job-ready, I need to complete my undergraduate and then study for my master’s degree in counseling)

3. Where do I want to live and where are the job/work opportunities? ( I want to go back and live in my home country Saudi Arabia and work there)

4. Interests: What do I enjoy doing? Tell me about it. What subjects do I like? ( I enjoy traveling abroad, and I like psychology)


Personality: What energizes me? What environment suits my learning and work style? Be specific. Energize me is taking a one-day break Just relaxing. The environment is being with a group of people.

6. Values: What is important to me? Explain. What motivates me to take action? My family is so important to me. My country is so important to me and I wish to make a difference.

7. Skills: What are activities in which I excel? What are my natural abilities or strengths?

8. What do I hope to take away from this class that will develop me personally and in my career?


There is no required length of the journal entry but I want to see at least 3 pages. Quality is as important as

quantity. Students will be evaluated on the clarity of their writing and their level of engagement with the


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