Senior Leadership Development Process in the Army

Identify what drives leader development, provide examples of the army leadership domain in and explain the role of the command sergeants major. use the NCO support channel and ADRP 7-0 pg1-18

The development of responsible leaders is one of the most important aspects of successful training in various disciplines.  The development of leaders is considered a continuous process that takes place throughout the career life of an individual. According to the Army Doctrine Reference Publication (2012), the development of leaders in the army is driven by three main factors. These factors include the operational domain, the institutional domain, and the self-development domain.  These three areas enable the Army to develop leaders who can achieve missions in the ever-changing, complex, and unstable environments.

Self-development is the most important and efficient pillar of military leadership development.  Army officers are responsible for their self-development. In army leadership development, self- development programs entail the professional reading and self-study such as the Army Capstone Programs.  Furthermore, self- development in military training is facilitated by leader team training programs that cover the general, professional, and non-tactical topics. The nested leader training programs that include conceptual, interpersonal, and technical skills also play a crucial role…

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