Sherlock Holmes And His Assistant Dr Watson Math Homework Help

The great detective Sherlock Holmes and his assistant Dr.Watson are discussing the murder of actor Cornelius Mc Ham. Mc Ham was shot inthe head, and his understudy Barry Moore, was found standing over the body withthe murder weapon in his hand.

Holmes: Fact: Moorewas standing over Mc Ham at 8:48PM,at which time the coroner recorded a body temperature of 84.4o F and noted that the room thermostat was set to.

Dr. Watson: Fact: Moorehad the murder weapon in his hand.

Holmes: Fact: Mc Ham’s normal body temperature is.

Dr. Watson: Fact: Moorewas on stage from 6:00PM to7:30PM

Holmes: Fact: At 9:48PM the coroner took another reading and recorded a body temperatureof 82.3 F.

Dr. Watson asked Sherlock Holmes, “Is Moore the murderer?”

Sherlock Holmes replied, I will ask the students at Universityto determine the time of death. Only at that time can we decide if Moore is innocent orguilty.

What was the time of Mc Ham’s death?

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