Should PEDs be allowed in professional sports?

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The use of performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) has roots since the first Ancient Olympic Games took place. The athletes and gladiators back then were using hallucinogens and herb mixtures to improve their activity and block their pain and injuries during the fights in battle games. It certainly was acceptable and the use of PEDs was common and publicly known. Nowadays, due to the technology and researches there are various types of PEDs have been developed. There are many types of performance enhancing drugs and most common of them are anabolic drugs, Androstenedione, Stimulants, Nootropics, Painkillers, Adaptogens, Blood boosters, Supplements, Creatine and many more. Performance enhancing drugs have the ability to extremely change the human body, its anatomic and biological functions, as well as significantly increase the performance of athletic activity in certain levels. PEDs have been used by athletes and bodybuilders to enhance their physical performance, by student to improve their cognitive performance, and even by military to strengthen their combat performance. The common use of PEDs is in professional sport games, what is referred doping term in sport, as there are endless headlines of scandals about the use of drugs and suspensions from the major league sports of famous athletes. The ban of PEDs started since the beginning of 20th century when the International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF) issued the First Rule against Doping in Sports in 1928. Ever since then from time to time several organization were formed to create stronger policies on regulations and monitor the use of prohibited drugs in professional sports.

The leading reason why the performance enhancing drugs are illegal in professional sports is that they give athletes unfair privilege over those athletes who do not use these kinds of drugs and create unequal competition. Some major professional sports leagues set testing of athletes on use of such kinds of PEDs as steroids, suspend them from the sport, and charge with the high penalty those who have a certain level of drugs in their blood. However, these tough regulations to decrease the users of PEDs and create fair competition in sports are not working in a large scale and have little impact in reducing the numbers PED users. While the sport organizations are spending time and money on strengthening the anti-doping policies in order to fight it, the numbers of people who use the drugs in professional and amateur sports are growing every year. Despite many people think that using PEDs in sports is unethical, because it creates inequality and unfairness, it should be legalized, since the number of users are rising every year and it make sports even more unfair to those who are not using, it is up to people how to improve their body and what would make sport game more entertaining. Besides, if the PEDs were allowed to use and sell it would be easier for governments and organizations to control them, reduce the criminality and even create new businesses that would engage in producing and selling these PEDs…

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