Should US Government allow Companies to Outsource?

Topic :Should the U.S.Government stop companies from outsourcing jobs 2 people in foreign countries that dont have unions and/or fair labor laws?

My choice on this topic is yes, they should prohibit it due to:
– unfair gender penchants, 
-the lack or inadequate labor union in foreign countries, and 
-foreign national laws that could cause an obstacle for fair labor law.
– it affects labor availability here in the USA

– There must be an additional paragraph conceding to the opposition
– At least 3 References: 2 Paraphrases and 1 Direct Quote
2 from the Richland Online Library
1 from either Google Scholar or Google Books

For decades, companies in the U.S. have been outsourcing manufacturing jobs to foreign countries with less expensive labor. They began utilizing international outsourcing through shifting factory work such as clothing, computer hardware, and steel to overseas because it eliminated or reduced taxes on imported goods. Today, companies tend to use the same path even with professional work and business services that foreign workers can perform online. It is also expanding to high technology; for instance, the overseas workers connect with U.S. companies over the internet to do paralegal work, software programming, X-ray, drug testing, CAT-scan analysis, and financial investment research. However, while the US companies are moving jobs to outside countries to evade high production costs, the public feels that their jobs are being taken by the low-paid foreign workers. Thus, government should prohibit outsourcing due to unfair gender penchants, inadequate or lack of labor unions in foreign countries, foreign national laws that prevent fair labor laws, and decreased job availability in the U.S.

The outsourcing practice has affected the employment opportunities in the United States because companies are giving out jobs to developing countries such as India and China to save costs. Rhett notes that, “They hire high-skilled people from foreign countries who can accept lower salaries” (Rhett 1). As a result, thousands of Americans have no jobs, especially the skilled and semi-skilled personnel. Outsourcing has even made it difficult for people in America at and below poverty level to get an employment even when they are willing to work in low-skilled jobs. As unemployment increases, income and competitive advantage are also lost leaving people without financial support. Therefore, Americans’ income tends to decline, and some people atare unable to put food on their tables, provide a roof over the heads, or even support their families. Outsourcing can lead to alarming poverty levels in the U.S. that can result in a reduction of tax revenues and consumer spending…

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