Small-scale Project

Coursework 1: Research Proposal You are required to submit a 1,500 word proposal for a small-scale research project that will enable you to develop greater insights into consumers’ buying behaviour. You should select a commercial environment within your local area as the focus of your research. In your proposal you should: · Clearly articulate the aims and objectives of your research, sharing your research question (hypothesis). · Share your rationale for your project; typically this should include justification of both the commercial setting and what you hope to learn about consumer behaviour. · Ensure that you underpin your proposal with application of relevant theoretical concepts to support the justification of your approach. · It is critical to explicitly outline the ethical considerations associated with your research and how you propose to address these. · Observe the Harvard style of referencing theoretical concepts both in-text and in the references list at the end of your assignment.

Slide 2: Introduction


The principal aim of the research is to understand the factors that influence customer buying behavior as an imperative aspect of ABC Company.


  • To determine which factor has a major influence on the consumers’ purchasing decisions in ABC Clothing Company.
  • To determine how consumer behavior impacts on clothing business in ABC.
  • To evaluate shopping behavior of buyers and how they interpret product information to create buying plans.
  • To determine the variables that make up ABC consumer behaviour.

Slide 3: Hypothesis

  1. There is a positive correlation between market segmentation and consumer behavior.
  2. Psychological factors influence consumers’ purchasing behavior more than external factors.
  3. Brand image and loyalty towards the organization is the main aspect that describes customer behavior in ABC Clothing Company

Slide 4: Ethics Consideration           

The following ethical aspects were considered during the research. The interviewers were urged to adhere to ethical aspects such as integrity, faithfulness and honesty during the collection and analysis of data…

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