Soccer Player’s Salary


The main reason why human beings engage in human activities is to earn a living. Human activities include all the aspects of income generating activities that people do. These comprise of the different career paths followed by individuals in the course of their lives. They are often influenced by the level of education, the likes and interest of an individual, role models, skills and talents. Each and every individual’s wish is often to engage in a well-paying career in order to secure his or her future and that of their generations. Among the well-paying careers in the world is soccer. Soccer is a game which requires skills and talent and therefore a career in football playing is often influenced by talent rather than education. Passion is a constant factor in the success of any career therefore both talent and passion coupled together builds up career in football playing. According to BBC News (2015), global football stars earn some of the highest wages in the whole world. Soccer is therefore a well-paying career compared to other careers. This paper analyzes the soccer player’s salaries looking into how the players earn that kind of money.

            Soccer players earn a lot of money compared to individuals in other careers. According to the “Business Insider”, Lionel Messi is the highest soccer player in the whole world. Last year Messi made a total of $71 million in earnings. Compared to other careers, this is a lot of wages made by a single individual in a single year. Currently the top 5 paid soccer players according to the “France Football Report” include the following; the top paid player as already mentioned is Lionel Messi who made $71 million and plays for a Spanish football club FC Barcelona, he is closely followed by Cristiano Ronaldo who made $59 million from Real Madrid football club. The third top paid player is Neymar Jr who followed Cristiano by making a total of $40 million and also from Barcelona, the forth one Thiago Silva from France who made $30.1 million and lastly at position five is Robin Van Persie from Manchester United who made $28.1 million last year. This wages when compared to those of other careers for example those of police officers, it is evident that soccer players earn way much money compared to individuals in other careers. An average police officer in the United States earns a basic salary of approximately $50,000 per year. This is 0.07% of the total amount of wages earned by the top paid football player Lionel Messi.

Soccer Players vs. Police Officers             The police officers as a career are part of the three areas in the United States’ criminal justice system. They are often enforced with the responsibility of enforcing the law in the country. In order to achieve this, they engage in neighborhood patrols to stop criminal practices as well as keeping watch on different kinds of threats to public safety. Incidents and complaints reported to the police department such as domestic violence are also responded to by the policemen. In an event where offenders and suspects are caught, arrests are usually made after which evidence is collected and the suspects presented in court for prosecution…

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