Social Media Proposal

I am in a group writing project to write a social media proposal for our imaginary company and I was assign to do the (Facebook part), so you will only be focusing on Facebook benefits for Cain Kelley “our company”.

Please check my outline to get an idea.

I also uploaded our report that we did in order to write our proposal.

When you write, don’t mention the two company (Calvin Klein, Victoria Secret) because they were just an example for the report.

Again, I uploaded everything you should know to get you going.

Thank you,

Facebook is the best social media platform that we can use to market our company and grow its number of clients within the shortest time possible. By taking advantage of the more than one billion people who have an account with Facebook, it is possible for Cain Kelley to growth from a start up stage to a fully fledged company, and with minimal operating costs.

It is easy to market and establish following through Facebook.  All we will need to do is create a commercial page with the name of the company – Cain Kelley. A brief description of what the company does will be offered on the company’s profile. After that, requests can be sent to potential customers – beginning with those we know in person – asking for them to “like” the page (Zarrella & Zarrella, 2010). The page will be updated regularly with news and posts regarding the company and its brand. At any given time, customers will be able to reach the company by posting on its wall and also replying and commenting of posts by the company admin. This will provide an avenue to engage with customers directly and without the rigidity that often accompanies conventional communication. Posts will be complete with images and photos of company activities as well as the products being marketed. To encourage clients to comment and repost posts, care must be taken to post material that is engaging. Therefore the company will create the reputation of posting information that is not only informative, but persuasive too (Barnes, 2015). For instance, a post like “The Cain Kelley brand is a taste of feeling and meaning” can help in creating an identity with the company. Such a post can be reposted and shared widely – which would help in reaching more potential customers…

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